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In My Little Pony The Movie, DJ Pon-3 appears providing music during the Friendship Festival, particularly during Songbird Serenade's performance and in the closing credits.

DJ Pon-3 appears in the series' 100th episode Slice of Life.

She is first seen listening to hip-hop on her headphones when she leads Dr. In the episode, it is revealed that she is roommates with Octavia Melody.

In Signature My Little Pony magazine issue #42, DJ Pon-3 is featured in the eight-page comic story Save DJ Pon-3's show!

When a heavy rainstorm prevents DJ Pon-3 from putting on a concert, the Mane Six cheer her up by putting on an indoor party and having her perform.

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DJ Pon-3 appears on Issue #3's pages 1-2 and Issue #10's page 10.

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